Whose behind the business

Mariss (the manager)

We asked Mariss what he likes about Brixton…

1. What makes Brixton special?

The sheer variety of people, culture and the liveliness of the market.

3. What’s your favourite local landmark?

Why, the Village of course!

2. Which 3 local places would you recommend and why?

Salon at Market Row. Wonderful British charcuterie & cheese downstairs and excellent seasonal food upstairs. Always on point.
Nour Cash & Carry, a place where you can beef up your spice rack and get your weekly veg under one roof.
The Brixton Academy, after having been to a few gigs there, I cannot say I ever had anything less than a great time.

4. Your personal soundtrack for Brixton and why?

My latest obsession with world music: Soundway presents Tumbélé! (Biguine, Afro & Latin sounds from the French Caribbean, 1963 – 1974). Sunny, happy & great rhythms.

About the business

We are Brixton Village and Market Row traders - Federation

We are a speciality coffee shop, purveying the finest coffee this side of the Thames. Alongside our bespoke house espresso blend and rotating guest coffees on filter we serve great pastry, and a small, but lovely, selection of cake. Grilled cheese sandwiches from our friends over at Salon round out our food offering.

Opening times

8am – 5pm
8am – 5pm
8am – 5pm
8am – 5pm
8am – 5pm
9am – 6pm
9am – 5pm


Unit 77 – 78, Corner of 2nd & 4th Avenue
Brixton Village

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