How to get here

Coming from Brixton tube station or bus stops.
You have a choice of two routes, the quick route, or the really quick route!

To get to Brixton Market Row

Turn left out of the tube, and then take the first left into Electric Avenue. Walk down Electric Avenue, then take the first right into Electric Lane (look out for the rooftop art installation of the giant fox and cherries!)

The entrance to Market Row is in the middle of Electric Lane on the left hand side. From here you can walk the length of Market Row, to the entrance on Atlantic Road.

Then look for the entrance to Brixton Village, opposite you on the other side of the road under the railway. Take extra care here as you cross the road! There is also an entrance to Brixton Market Row on Coldharbour Lane. Coldharbour lane is second left after turning left out of Brixton tube station.

To get to Brixton Village

As before turn left out of Brixton tube, then take the first left to Electric Avenue. Walk down the length of Electric Avenue, this will bring you to Atlantic Road. Brixton Village is across the road. There is a small entrance opposite you under the railway. Alternatively crossing Atlantic Road from Market Row, keep on the far side of the road and turn right. Walk to the railway bridge then turn immediately left under it. You’ll find yourself outside the main entrance to Brixton Village, it’s just on your left.

Or if you want the really quick route…

Turn right out of Brixton tube station, then after walking under the high level railway bridge, take the first right down Atlantic Road. Halfway down on your left hand side is the entrance to Brixton Village, and on the right, Market Row.

If you’re in the mood to explore…

Turn right on leaving Brixton tube station and walk straight ahead across Atlantic Road after you have gone under the railway bridge turn right into Brixton Station Road Market, then at the crossroads turn right into Pope’s Road Market. The newly opened Pop Brixton will be on your left. The entrance to Brixton Village Arcade is a blue door under the blue bridge (under Brixton railway station.)

By train

If you are arriving in Brixton via overground from Victoria or Beckenham Junction/Orpington, Brixton Station is literally above Brixton Village and Market Row. You can look across to Market Row and Electric Avenue from the London-bound platform.

By bike

If you are cycling to Brixton Village and Market Row, there are some bike racks in the courtyard of Brixton Village on Coldharbour lane, some by the entrance to Market Row in Electric Lane, and more outside the Ritzy Cinema or KFC at the junction of Coldharbour Lane and Windrush Square. (there’s even an bike pump just outside the Ritzy for those emergencies!)

By car

Best of luck! After you’ve made it round the one way system, there is a new car park on Brixton Station Road and various street parking bays nearby.

Market opening times

8am – 6pm
8am – 11.30pm
8am – 11.30pm
8am – 11.30pm
8am – 11.30pm
8am – 11.30pm
8am – 11.30pm

We’re open from 8am every day, and until 11.30 pm Tuesday to Sunday. Monday has traditionally been the rest day for most markets. Therefore although we are open until 6pm, please bear in mind that a number of businesses may be closed, while the staff put their feet up for a hard earned rest after the busy weekend. Please check with the individual shops for opening times.

Coming by tube or bus?

Where we are on a map…

To help you not get lost

We got a great local artist to illustrate Brixton Village & Market Rows covered avenues to help you find your way around and look more like a local.

We are Brixton Village and Market Row traders - plan your visit