Whose behind the business

Tom, Phil & Dorian

We asked Tom what he likes about Brixton…

1. What makes Brixton special?

I’ve only lived in Brixton for a few years but it has such diversity that it’s a kind of melting pot for different cultures and creativity. I think Electric Avenue and Brixton Village helps facilitate that as well.

3. What’s your favourite local landmark?

I’ve always walked past The Bradys Clock Tower hoping it would get saved so I think its great its been bought back to its former glory.

2. Which 3 local places would you recommend and why?

Can I say Honest Burgers?!

Definitely The Joint for any meat urges. Naughty Piglets up by Hootananies is incredible and Shrub and Shutter for cocktails.

4. Your personal soundtrack for Brixton and why?

Has to be a David Bowie greatest hits album

About the business

We are Brixton Village and Market Row traders - Honest Burgers

We’re a British Burger restaurant that focuses around simplicity and quality. Simple flavors, great quality ingredients, fast and casual service.

All our burgers are made with rare breed beef from Yorkshire that’s been reared on the Ginger Pigs Farm. We serve all our burgers with rosemary salted chips and our drinks menu focuses around craft beers and homemade cocktails for £5. Value has always been something we’re really cautious of (this is also we’ve always wanted to serve chips with our burgers!).

Opening times

12 – 4pm
12 – 10.30pm
12 – 10.30pm
12 – 10.30pm
11.30am – 10.30pm
11.30am – 10.30pm
11.30am – 10pm


Unit 12, 1st Avenue
Brixton Village

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