Whose behind the business

Hideaki Ono

We asked Hideaki what he likes about Brixton…

1. What makes Brixton special?

Exotic atmosphere and many unique individual shops and restaurants. Brixton is completely different from the clone high streets in London.

3. What’s your favourite local landmark?

Wall paintings of Brixton train station. These vivid and colourful paintings describe everything of Brixton.

2. Which 3 local places would you recommend and why?

Okan – Nice Osaka-style Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake) restaurant.
Brixton Markets – So many different foods, fish, meats, vegetables, etc. So fun shopping here. You may feel shopping at supermarkets is boring.
Brockwell Park – This grand natural landscape park provides the fruitful life to Brixton people every season.

4. Your personal soundtrack for Brixton and why?

Gershwin’s Summertime.
This mellow music matches to old women walking slowly and shopping on the streets of Brixton while carrying large bags. That is a daily life here.

About the business

We are Brixton Village and Market Row traders - Curryono

We are a Japanese kitchen which serves home made Japanese foods, such as Japanese curries, Donburi( rice bowl), Noodles( Ramen, udon) etc.  And we offer unique and exquisite Sake and Shochu (Japanese vodka). A lot of Gluten free and vegetarian options are  available.

Opening times

12 – 4pm / 6 – 10pm
12 – 4pm / 6 – 10pm
12 – 4pm / 6 – 10pm
12 – 4pm / 6 – 11pm
12 – 4pm / 6 – 11pm
12 – 4pm / 6 – 10pm


Unit 14BC, Market Row
Brixton, London

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